Knowing where to start can be a very difficult question.  There is tons of information out there and it can be very intimidating.  Unfortunately a lot the information can change based on the situation, equipment, discipline, and person.  Likewise there is a lot bad information that is not updated, has changed, misleading, and sometimes straight up lies.  Even when you find good information it may not always be the best approach for you.  We will attempt to guide new shooters to the best source of information for your situation but nothing can replace hands on experience.  

There are several different "GROUPS" of firearm owners.  I hate to stereotype people into groups, as that has been done so much in the gun community already.  We are really striving to unite all gun owners into supporting each other and preserving all rights for generations to come.  However, there is definately an association between your purpose for owning guns and what kind of training, information, equipment, and firearm you are seeking.  For this purpose we will divide our information into several groups, and some will likely have sub groups as well.   It seems logical to me if our categories include sports, hunting, defense, and preparedness among others..