"We are the future of shooting sports and the 2nd Amendment"


I strive to be an ambassador for the shooting sports and help create more interest and opportunities for youth shooters.  We are the future of the sport and have the ability to influence the way we are seen by others.  This is true in shooting sports, hunting, as well as the second amendment.


I believe it is important to have more kids participating in the outdoors, to understand the importance of the second amendment, where our food comes from, the habitat we live in, and our responsibility to the preservation of our public lands and the animals that live in them.


I am usually one of the youngest shooters at the events and hope to encourage more youth shooters to participate in shooting sports.  I want to show people that kids can participate and be responsible with firearms, and that with proper instruction can compete alongside adults.

Avery ​

My desire is to help the young shooting community grow and to inform new shooters of proper and safe handling of a firearm. I really enjoy shooting with all my fellow shooting friends (young and younger ) and I have really enjoyed making relationships with other people in the 2A community, even those I’ve never met, but follow on a daily basis.

Your Child!