Firearm safety is the building blocks for responsible gun usage and ownership.  Unfortunately many non gun owners tend to ignore the importance of teaching kids how to be safe around guns and what to do if one is found.  We need to remember that even if you may not own a gun you can not be guaranteed that they will not come across an unattended firearm.

There is no right age or right way to talk to your kids about gun safety.  It is up to the parent or another adult to know their child's maturity and attention span, as well as the family style of living.  Some kids just need to be taught how to avoid a dangerous situation, while for others it may be more reasonable to have a hands on experience.  There are many great books and classes that are available for families that may not know enough to teach their child all the necessary information.  It is our hope that with in this web page you can find all the information to keep you and your family safe. 

Many would think that simply telling their kids to never touch a gun would be enough.  However for many kids simply forbidding an action can make them more curious about the subject.  For some children you could even trigger a defiance and a need to play with a firearm.  Your child needs to have the confidence and knowledge to be able to correct another kid who may not have had the same education as yours.  Another down fall for this way of thinking comes from new technologies and styles of firearms.  Now days many toy guns look real, and many real firearms look fake.  It is no longer out of the ordinary to have guns painted with cartoon characters all over them.  It is because of this that I highly recommend teaching kids to always have permission before touching a firearm or an unfamiliar toy firearm, as well as teaching the four Universal Firearm Safety Rules. 

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