A new competition shooter from a family with no previous firearm experience. 

Ella Howell-2A Kid of The Month

September 2018

            Ella Howell a very independent 14 year old freshman at Halifax Academy in Roanoke Rapids, NC.   She is very active in many sports and civic clubs.  She has played travel softball since she was eight years old and is a member of the back to back state champion varsity softball team.  Ella also plays basketball and volleyball at school.  Ella is a very intelligent young lady and ranks as one of the top students academically in her class.  She is an active member of the schools’ monogram club, octagon club, and has served as president of the Jr. Beta Club.  Ella is currently selling handmade paracord bracelets and key chains to raise money to fund a mission trip to Ecuador in July.  


    A few months ago when Ella was staying at her aunt and uncle’s house with her cousin, they happened to mention competitive shooting.  Her aunt and uncle compete in precision rifles style matches in North Carolina and Virginia.  One day they asked Ella if she wanted to shoot their .22 LR rifle and since then Ella has been hooked on shooting.   Ella was given a .22 rifle and competed in a .22 precision match at Frontline Defense in Warrenton, NC, where she placed 2nd in the youth division.   


    Recently, Ella attended the Guardian match held at Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club in New Hill, NC.   2a_kids reached out to Ella and gave her a huge opportunity sponsoring her for the Guardian match and also worked with Gary Larson (founder of the Guardian) on getting a rifle for her to shoot at the match.  


    McMillan Rifle Stocks brought her a rifle to use at the Guardian, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.   The rifle was specially built for Britainy McMillian and was made for a lady shooter.  The rifle also had an OSS suppressor which made it easier for Ella to shoot!  Defender Ammo also had ammo for Ella to shoot for the guardian. 


    At the end of the Guardian events, there is usually a prize table in which you buy raffle tickets for a chance to win one of these amazing prizes.   Ella’s ticket was never once pulled but she still walked away with more than she could have imagined.   Jessie Cook of Phantom Precision Tactical was the third ticket pulled.   Mr. Cook could have picked anything he wanted off the table.   There were several items on there that were worth up to $2000.  Mr. Cook picked up a Bergara BMP rifle and went straight over and handed it to Ella.  Ella was speechless and her face was priceless!  Mr. Cook also gave her a Vortex scope and a barricade bag.  It didn't stop there.  Gary Larson gave her a certificate for a MPA scope mount for her new rifle rig as well.  I cannot thank the shooting community enough for what they have done for Ella!  This is what the Guardian is all about.


    Needless to say Ella is now hooked.  Her uncle is getting her rifle ready now and he will have Ella ready to shoot the next competition held in December of this year.  Without the help of 2a_kids and the rest of the shooting community, Ella would not have had this amazing opportunity.  You have made a child's dream come!