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Our podcast is everything kids, shooting sports, hunting, firearm safety, and the second amendment.  You ask the questions and guide where the show goes. 


We offer two shows a week with different flavors and perspectives.  One day is known as a DADcast and one day we present the KIDcast.  DADcasts are the parents side of things while the KIDcast is the more laid back and light hearted view of a bunch of young ladies.

2A Kids is available on most podcast formats.

Reviews, Safety videos, instructions, and sometimes just fun!

There are tons of YouTube channels that are based around firearms, but junior shooters and their parents can have a difficult time finding information tailored for the unique needs of kids.  We review products and tell you what works for us and what doesn't.

It is important for everyone to practice safe gun handling at all times.  We create videos to help reinforce firearm safety rules and other ideas to make our ways of life safer.  We pride ourselves as being role models and breaking negative perceptions of firearms.  We are the last line of defense for the second amendment, hunting, and shooting sports.