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My name is Alyssa Lee Niemann and I am 11 years old.  I am from a small town in Washington.  I love everything that is outdoors.  No matter if I am digging in the sand for clams, listening to the rain on the roof of my tent, or running around a USPSA stage, I am happy to just be outside. 


I started competing in USPSA this last summer

and plan on making it a major part of my passion

for the outdoors.  I  compete in USPSA and

recently moved to limited division.  I use a Jacob's Tactical 2011 chambered in 9mm.  I will be

participating in weekly matches at all of our

local clubs here in the Pacific Northwest, 

Washington State’s Championship, Oregon

State Championship, Columbia Cascade, Inland

Empire and the 2018 MGM Junior Pistol Camp. 

I am dedicated to the shooting sports and hope to

be able to make a career in the shooting industry. 


I believe it is important to have more kids

participating in the outdoors, to understand the

importance of the second amendment, where our

food comes from, the habitat we live in, and our

responsibility to the preservation of our public

lands and the animals that live in them.