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I want to prove that kids can handle firearms in a safe environment


My name is Kamryn Kay Niemann, but my friends call me Kami. I am 9 years old, and I enjoy shooting with my older sisters and both of my parents.  I have participated in fun steel, IDPA, USPSA, and junior small bore rifle.  USPSA is definitely my favorite.


I compete in USPSA using a Glock 17.  I did chores

and worked for family members in order to earn the

money for my own equipment.  I practice hard and am

looking forward to competing in weekly matches this

year.  I am really excited to go to the Washington

State Championship and the MGM Junior Pistol Camp again this year. 


I am usually one of the youngest shooters at the events

and hope to encourage more youth shooters to

participate in shooting sports.  I want to show people

that kids can participate and be responsible with

firearms, and that with proper instruction can compete alongside adults.