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I love shooting sports, family, and basketball!    #SHOOTLIKEAGIRL

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My name is Justyne Rae Niemann and I am 13 years old.  I enjoy competitive shooting, camping, fishing, hunting, basketball, and hanging out with my friends and family.


I have been shooting for six years and am starting

my second year competing in USPSA..  I have

completed several firearms related classes and am

also a certified range officer.  I competed in my first

major match, the 2016 Washington State

Championship up at Custer, and now I am hooked.

This year I will be participating in local matches

every weekend as well as the Washington and

Oregon State Championships.  I am also returning

to the MGM Junior Pistol Camp in Idaho.


I strive to be an ambassador for the shooting sports

and help create more interest and opportunities for

youth shooters.  We are the future of the sport and

have the ability to influence the way we are seen by

others.  This is true in shooting sports, hunting, as well

as the second amendment.


Not only do I take my sport seriously, but also maintain

high academic achievements.  I am on my student council and enjoy helping regulate our student policies.  I maintain good grades and have received many school awards as well.  It is important as representatives of our lifestyle to be seen as well rounded individuals who hold themselves to high standards as sportsmen, scholars, and productive members of our community.