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Firearms safety and education in support of our youth

2A Kids Mission Statement

We live in a time where firearms have become more and more of a taboo. Both sides of the debate are surrounded by misinformation, opinions, and straight out lies. There are an infinite number of websites and videos on the internet with conflicting views and ideas. Sifting through all this information is confusing and can leave you with more questions than you had to begin with.

As parents of competitive shooters we have had to dig through this same information to find the right path for our kids.  

Our mission is to provide objective and honest perspectives based upon our collective experiences.  2A Kids aspires to celebrate those who work to preserve and teach the heritage of firearm ownership and our 2nd Amendment rights. 

2A Kids is a rewarding opportunity to provide education and resources to our youth. Bridging the gap between parents and their children ensuring the discussion happens.

Become part of our 2A Kids family and support the mission!

Our goal is to provide a place where both youth and parents can get reliable information.  We want to share our experiences and help save others from making the same mistakes  

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